The reflection about what is or could be a vertical city was the starting point of this project. Its main body was the research and development of ideas but not as an end goal but as a methodology of reasoning.

Programme, scale and location are considered by each self.

In all “brainstorming” that was set up the final result that appeared is a building that was born in the ruins of the sunk of Vilarinho das Furnas, in northern Portugal. The verticality is the basic concept with the premise that the natural environment was found in the movement of water. This small town in ruins appears cyclically with the rise and fall of the rested water in the dam. This stone tower lives of the height of the water. As the water drops it reveals new spaces [sky, wind, rest, art, observe, fire, water] drawing a route to the real ruin that ends in a space where the remaining water can not fall and there is trapped, as sign of the time, the cycles, the verticality.




Vilarinho da Furnas, Portugal