The city takes up almost entirely by the program of housing, though the exceptional programs or equipments are along with public spaces that reference it, giving it unity and consequent identity.

We asked a sports complex for the area of Carcereira in Oporto, including an indoor pool and a gym. The land is located in the margin of one of the new doors of the city, marked by the average population density and converging accessibility of fast speed with more interior streets and therefore more protected. The moments of waiting of the city marks presence as well as a limit almost back perimeter of buildings of housing.

Making an analysis of the land chosen to deploy my building so that it completes the block along the Pedro Hispano Street, and simultaneously to open the meantime created a park with this transformation. This intention has become increasingly stronger while the spaces were drawing. The building deploy on a platform for him to set up green space. It is formed up by two volumes cross the Sidónio Pais Avenue, which is associated with it, making the entry in a deliberately loaded off of tension along the Pedro Hispano Street. If on the one hand one of the volumes and the platform trying to soften the visual impact of the viaduct, on the other hand the second body of the building is facing the garden, with him talking with naturalness and creating the first face more visible for those who enter here in the city. Given its condition of public equipment is important to create an image that mark, giving it the kind of exceptional building.



Carceira – Porto, Portugal