The chaotic existing space had no chance of being recovered. The program was ambiguous as it should be simultaneously a clinic for medical treatments, with all the hygiene and safety requirements, and also a spa, with zen spaces capable of providing relaxing moments of massages and natural treatments. Two antagonistic spatial sensations.

With the design we tried to organize and regulate the geometry of the rough, always searching for the maximum spatial profitability and with total budget constraints. During the preliminary visits on the construction field it was found a basement empty space that quickly gave the solution with a programmatic division. Therefore, it was developed two completely different languages and approaches: on the main floor predominates the white, the impersonal, the black, the contrast, the light, the matte, the polished, the reflection, the lightness, the levitation, the transcendence of the clarity as an anti-gravity element. Downstairs prevails the woods, the textures, the smells, the colors, the ‘patines’, the shadows, the sounds, the memories of each material the transport us to other places.

A staircase unfolds, giving unity to the space.




Vila Chã – Vila de Conde, Portugal