In an area marked by the confluence of different realities, the urban network is not yet fully consolidated, and there are empty waiting spaces because of the strength of Boavista Avenue in the city. In this context, this project aims to provide direction and bring these various pieces, with the stimulus of the spot, the preexistence and new cultural references.

In a plan that included the construction of three major housing buildings, the creation of a new street and the creation of a new square, consistent flow of people generated by the enterprise of Burgo, it appears a building parallel to the last building of Foco, that it will seek some of its properties, and that it is beginning to formalize. The shape created is like a large box of white concrete, partly elevated, getting further in the relationship of mass built with the horizontal plane of the floor, opening to the front street which is a gallery of shops in order to build the harmonious relationship of the square with the occasional support of the building, done by an oblique plan, which proposes an illusion of lack of gravity.

Designed by housing program, has been chosen a typology of central gallery that serves homes of large dimensions, while searching for the highest return on space and greater efficiency of use of domestic space. The last floor is exceptional constituted by smaller houses, thought to one or two people. The housing favour the openings on the outside in order to create privacy which I wanted to maintain untouchable.

The unity of this project  is the demand of the efficiency of living, trying to create new relationships with the public space, projecting itself to it, not withdrawing its natural flow.




Boavista – Porto, Portugal