Areosa Youth Space

The project for the Areosa Youth Space results from the idea of creating an open ambivalent space, both for the community and for the city.

The property is located in the interior of the block, having only 7.5m of street front, being surrounded by residential buildings in average 30m high, with exception of the Areosa Church on the North side, whose building the new construction will serve. There is also space for a future playground between the backyard of the property and the street, which this project intend to merge into a continuous public space.

This project makes use of the natural slope of the property and is developed in two different levels: In the lower level there is the requested program, containing music rooms, dance studios, meeting rooms for the diverse youth groups from the community and boy scouts; In the upper level there is a big garden with direct access to the playground creating the possibility that anyone, even if its not from the community can use this space and watch the different activities of young people.

All the interior of the construction will be in glass walls, allowing to filter daylight, due to the setback of the elliptical opening to the sky. This creates a more direct visual relationship between all activities in a given day.

The concept of this project ties with a social need of serving the community, creating spaces that foster interest and synergies between the different groups  and simultaneously continuously captivates new young people to the community.


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