The place is exciting, worn by time, calls for an intervention, an anchor that trigges any development that lackes on the forgotten south of Italy. Luxury Hotel. Citing a friend: “Luxury is I want to hear at three in the morning [4 of the violin concerto in D major of the] Mozart and have a full orchestra to play for me.” Luxury Hotel means to provide and project spaces for the most unthinkable whims of billionaires who will want to make thousands of miles to spend a few nights of “relax” in Syracuse.

But the Ortigia is not Dubai. You can not equate a megalomaniac building for a program of equal size. The net is weak, you should respect the preexistence.

Demolish, restore or rebuild?

The project has developed through a regular net contrasting with the preexistence. Privileges the privacy as a luxury of excellence. Each room is an isolated cell without windows, open on its own, seeking the light in different courtyards. There are 3 types in response to the diverse needs of the programme. Their size relates directly to the old home of Syracuse, heritage of humanity. The themes are also in their relationship, the full and empty, light and shadow, the courtyard. The ground floor becomes the common outer space hosting all services, technical areas and entrances to the cells. The space quality space exits by creating a dramatic space where each one should lose and find what you are looking for or imagined.

The hotel then comes in such a natural way, a result of a critic reflection of the site and the programme.




Siracusa, Italy