Combining elegance and energy was the theme for the creation of what may be the image of KTM bike industries in the market: the brand advocates the best quality in this field of action, being distinguished by a superb technique, refining the taste of the consumer. Simultaneously, these consumer constantly crave action, adrenaline, and speed; making pure dynamism a state of mind.

Searching for a synergy between these two poles stood the reflection of the program, space and matter available, manageable and above all able to be systamatized.

It became evident that the bicycle is the protagonist of this particular space and above all its resident, roaming freely and making of this its rightful place. All other material centrifuges to the available niches, excavated, or designed, organized by the thematic relevance of their association.

The emphasis of the brand has become an obsession, and, being so, a traversed counter emerged in the form of the logo, using the orange and black on various materials and, consequently, with different textures and reflections. Inspired by the irregularity of the tubes that make up the structure of a bicycle, comes in an indented pattern composed of iron sheet that draws the guards and encloses the upper level under the bright lines.

Intimacy with the local customers can be reached through images framed in time, noting the KTM bikes incorporating the most iconographic points of the city that welcomes. These same images also serve to advertise the brand in the form of large billboards, ostensibly communicating with the outside.

Maintaining a neutral and basic rule, leaving the subject of intervention clean, stands what one wants to highlight, differentiating it from other spaces, bringing it closer toward the source of desire and the fleeting contemporary moment.




Braga, Portugal