The film festival of Locarno has gained prestige over the years so their turnout rises. With the need to construct a building for its unique achievement in a small field located near to the Castle Square, comes the challenge of responding functionally to the 10 cinema rooms and at the same time not compromising the flow inside. As also an intrinsic challenge the building would have to respond to standard Minergie-P, it means having an energy expenditure below 40 MJ/m2.

The building is built in the shape of a tower creating a ground floor at the Square of the Castle and the main auditorium (3000 persons) level, a second one to the ground floor at the level of the street and also a platform that grabs and hugs it. The rooms have to be vertically contrasting with the large gaps that make up the vertical access and vertical outside platforms. The light is the leitmotif, is empty and goes down, falling throughout the building, depicting what is pure in the cinema.




Locarno, Switzerland

Co-authored with Caetano Bragança and Liliana Amorim