The Aefaup bar aspires to be the center of the most diverse experiences of the students in an intense week specially devoted to them. Adding to the light, the music and the alcohol, whichEs have always been the mains elements of the atmosphere of this space, we pretend to combine a strong spatial concept, with architectural stamp.

It has been developed the handmade visible face of the architectural artifact, by the creation of a skin objectified by establishment of a construction rule that justifies and qualifies that space.

Comparing with a body, anatomy and skin, we decided to remain the backbone of steel and create a new layer, a new membrane: A rope that runs infinitely all the faces of this object, in winding and arbitrary trails, and, overwhelming the shape to its rules, creates the focus of the attention on the circular bar, the space generator of all experiences.

It is a laboratory building that explores the construction of a conceptual box, which rotates evenly above all its faces, encouraging the perception of those who glimpse it, endowed with its own light in an intrinsic communication process, for instance with shadows puppets as also for fleeting glimpses through the tangle created.




Parque da cidade – Porto, Portugal

Co-authored with Sofia Granjo