It is intended that bar Aefaup for the diploma students party of 2007 overcomes itself, both as architectural object, as an integral reference subject of a place designed for students. The experience of this construction will be made, mainly at night, so the basic idea of the design emerged from the clear distinction of what is opaque and translucent, the interior and exterior, the interior projected on the exterior. Assuming the area of influence of the counter as the most important, as the main creator of the spaces and experiences, materialized in the form of a gravitational box, mass, in wood painted of orange. This box/interstitial lands and maintains two other boxes, implemented by strips of wood painted in black and acrylic plaques of polypropylene cellular. Thus the composition of black, orange and white and the integration of lighting inside cause an anti-gravitational effect of the counter, as if it lands on a crystal, creating a tension on the area that composes it.





Parque da cidade – Porto, Portugal

Co-authored with Daniel Baptista